Transform your go-to-market goals into a strategic market success.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, start-up, or established business, get better clarity and direction on your go-to-market strategy and launch with a roadmap that aligns your Go-to-market, brand, and sales channel process.

Hi, I’m Olin. I am a go-to-market & start-up strategy consultant. I bring a high-level perspective to help your organization accelerate a focused go-to-market strategy roadmap.

From concept to execution, launch an accelerated Go-To-Market strategy for your product or start-up. Transform your business goal into a successful reality.

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Go deeper with real-world result-driven frameworks and deep-rooted experience. Save time and energy having the right team in place from the start. Here is a look into the proven roadmap that I’ve perfected over the past decade and a half:


Define & validate your product-market fit

We help define goals, KPIs, & objectives, then dive into the nuts and bolts of your executive GTM financial planning and market costs. We make sure your product is minimally viable and has a proper Product-Market Fit.


Build an unstoppable brand with a proven strategy

We’ve branded household name products and studied technical Go-to-Market Business Strategy through MIT, and Stanford. We help align both brand and GTM frameworks to give your brand the positioning it needs.


Ride the tailwinds of unsaturated markets & sales channels

If you are B2B or D2C, aiming for big-box retailers or Amazon, or are strategizing a more complex GTM strategy, you need an understanding of the right funnels and sales channels costs to make sure you hit your goals.

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Go-to-market full workshop for start-ups

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Go-to-Market Workshop + Roadmap
Workshop and Roadmap deliverable.
  • Full Team Work Shop + Road Map Deliverable (scheduled through a week to month period).
  • (via zoom or in-person) *Travel is not included in the price if required.
Growth Marketing CMO Leadership
High-growth month-to-month CMO fractional marketing leadership.
  • Full Support Strategic Leadership Retainer for Fractional Marketing Leadership.
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Build an Enterprise Team
We build a full-stack marketing team with you for your product/service catered to your budget.
  • Scale into an enterprise full stack team of marketing operators for your business.
  • Utilize our network of agencies, near-shore, off-shore, and top talent in the US market.
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Just looking for an experienced strategic business advisor instead?

For independent entrepreneurs who are looking for support to navigate micro-challenges as they arise in their business, Join our Private #go-to-market Slack Channel to ask any ongoing FAQ, gain network recommendations and get professional feedback in real-time.

Some past go-to-market strategy projects

A few happy founders from go to market and strategic past launches.

“Olin has been a fearless leader of our brand, (d2c) website, and marketing. He has transformed our brand identity and website from a small local operation to the beginnings of a nationally recognized brand.”

Terry Lee

Owner + Founder

“Olin is simply put a force to be reckoned with – and one of the biggest thinkers I know. Some people have ideas and they can act on them, Olin sees and captures the opportunity to a different level than most. I consider myself rather entrepreneurial – but Olin has it in his blood and on a global scale. I can recommend working with Olin 100%.”

Austin Helton

Founder + CEO

“Olin was instrumental in the launch of our business, elevating our operations to 25+ countries and solidifying my dream of becoming a CEO + President of an international organization. Olin is just as much about transforming your business and he is transforming YOU in the process. I recommend him highly if you’re serious about taking the next steps to see your vision come to life.”

Henry Reyes

Co-Founder + President

Go-to-Market & Business Strategy Resources

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Align an accelerated & validated Go-to-Market & Brand Strategy Roadmap.

Realize your organization’s product launch or business strategy objectives from goal to reality with maximum efficiency.


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Frequently Asked Go-to-Market Strategy Questions:

Have a question about your own business, go-to-market, or brand strategy? Take a look at the FAQs, and if you want support please reach out via here.

/ɡō to͞o,ˈmärkət/

Go-to-market or go-to-market strategy is the plan of an organization, utilizing its outside resources (sales teams, marketing, and distributors), to drive a unique value proposition to customers and achieve competitive advantage.

The goal is to enhance the overall customer experience by offering a superior product and/or more competitive pricing.

What is the ideal working scenario?

If you have an idea, MVP, or product that you know can be viable in the market, serve a need, and be priced competitively – then the next step is aligning a strategic go-to-market roadmap. That is where we come in! Before you hire a marketing team, we fill the gap between ideation and market adoption with a workshop and roadmap. We work with your team to build a roadmap that encompasses building a brand, a go-to-market strategy, and finally – executable steps to ensure your product has a successful market fit.

What is it like to work together?

Our roadmap, workshop, and CMO marketing retainers are all designed around supporting your vision. We bring decades of experience bridging brand, business, and go-to-market strategies with actual work across supporting distribution, marketing, and brand initiatives.

We bring an eye for understanding what is attainable while ensuring any risk is minimized. We bring our honesty, and empathy into every project.

What is your Go-to-Market Guarantee?

Strategic brand building and go-to-market initiatives are complex and risky in nature. But it’s our role to inform a careful and tested approach that minimizes the downside but realized the potential at the same time. No go-to-market strategy is ever guaranteed to work, but the right perspectives bring assurances to reach success. Having said that, if any client does not find our work together highly enlightening, informing and valuable then we will work to make it right with 100% satisfaction.

What does the application process look like?

Ensuring the mutual alignment of any working relationship is critical. We will not embark on any working relationship with anyone unless we see a clear path for success with the vision of the client, and with our own vision of what we can contribute. The application and interview process aims to ensure alignment. Initially, we ask several questions via the appointment booking process to learn more about your project idea, and then arrange a discovery call to discuss alignment. From there we decide together if we should embark on the onboard process.

Why should we work with you on our strategy?

I am an entrepreneur who has been driven by my own curiosity and passion. This has led to learning from failures and seeing massive successes. But mostly to understand how businesses go to market and ultimately thrive. I have worked in a range of settings for established brands and embarked on my own start-ups. I have worked through the brand process, marketing process, sales process, financial process, distribution process, and more to piece together how a business fundamentally works. I then align creativity with a fundamental understanding of the limits and potentials of a business setting to bring big ideas to life. Though we provide products, we are not an agency focused on templatizing and assembly-lining our work. Instead, we bring vested interests, candid honesty, and experience into a small handful of client projects to see them be massively successful.

What go-to-market professional network do you have?

My network of brilliant, talented, and visionary people grows larger and larger every year. When I am inspired by a project, campaign, or work I love to learn about the people behind the work and build them into my own network. My network of professionals includes leading marketing and brand experts, engineers, leaders, investors, operators, brokers, and more. With the commencement of any strategic project, comes the next steps of connecting my clients with the right partners to ensure a go-to-market or brand strategy has the right pieces and people from the start.

How does billing work?

Once a contract is signed (through hellosign), we send you a link to our eCommerce page to purchase the retainer (for a workshop or ongoing retainer) to pay via credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. Once payment is received, we then schedule the workshop or retainer kick-off. Orders are managed through your account and can be canceled anytime (with a 14-day notice).


“I’ve been driven by curiosity throughout my career to understanding how successful businesses get off the ground. I love working with founders to transform their idea into reality. My mission is to serve and bring exponential value to your project.”

  • Olin Patterson |. Go-to-Market Business Strategist